SPC0494(pigment)/Mimaki JV5 permanent chip

SPC0494(pigment)/Mimaki JV5 permanent chip

SPC0494(pigment)/Mimaki JV5 permanent chip
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Чип подходит для принтеров Mimaki JV5Mimaki JV5-130s, Mimaki JV5-160s, Mimaki JV5-320s использующих SPC0494(пигмент) чернила.

  • No modification to the printer required.
  • The chips will reset every time you restart the printer showing a full cartridge.
  • There is no need to remove the cartridge for refilling.
  • The chips are permanent and unlimited, no changing required.
  • No need for internet connection for chip recharge as some other systems on the market.
  • There are no ink tubes running to your printer and no wires.
  • Be completely independent of your ink supplier.
  • Simple and painless installation. plug and play.
  • It can always be removed within minutes and switched back to original cartridges.
  • It is up to you to choose the ink.

Тип запчасти: самообнуляющийся чип

Подходит Mimaki Jv5, Mimaki JV5-130s, Mimaki JV5-160s, Mimaki JV5-320s

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