Сольвентная печатающая головка Roland 1000002201

Original Roland solvent print head 1000002201

Сольвентная печатающая головка Roland 1000002201
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Brand New Printheads for Roland. These are solvent resistant and are completely compatible with Solvent, EcoSolvent, Mild Solvent and Aqueous (pigmented & dye) inks. They are made in Japan - the EXACT source as where Roland. These printheads have the Head Rank numbers that will work with Roland Solvent printers.

The recommended manufacturer procedure is to replace both dampers with every head change to prevent possible contamination from old ones.

They can also be used in the following printers:

Roland Soljet SJ-540, SJ-740
Roland SP300v, SP540v
Roland SP300, SP540 (early non V models)
Roland SC-545EX
Roland SJ-645ex SJ-745ex SJ-1000ex SJ-1045
Roland XC-540
Roland RS-640
Roland FP-740
Mimaki JV4
Mutoh Falcon II outdoor/8100
Mutoh Blizzard 65/90;

The auction is for 1 Head for Solvent printers. They are new (we purchased these direct). They come complete with the Rank Head ID to enter into your printer to ensure proper voltage to the printhead. 

Тип запчасти: печатающая головка

Подходит Mutoh Blizzard 65/90, Mutoh RJ-8100 (Falcon II Outdoor), Mutoh Spitfire 65/90/100, Roland FP-740, Roland RS-640, Roland SC-545EX, Roland SJ-1000, Mimaki Jv4, Roland SJ-1045ex, Roland SJ-540, Roland SJ-645EX, Roland SJ-740, Roland SJ-745EX, Roland SP-300, Roland SP-540, Roland XC-540, Roland XJ-640, Roland XJ-740

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